Connect Map My Tracks App to Pebble Watch

The Map My Tracks app can be connected to a Pebble Watch to act as a second screen that shows current speed, distance and duration.

Get started

There is no need to download a Pebble app for Map My Tracks. We use the build in activity app that comes with the Pebble Watch.

So to use Map My Tracks on your Pebble:

  1. First ensure that your Pebble is connected with to your phone.
  2. Then when you go to start an activity within the Map My Tracks app you should see a small Pebble icon at the bottom of the map.
  3. If the icon is present then you can simple press ‘Go’ and your Pebble watch will start to show the data.

Configure your Pebble

There is options to set up and configure the Pebble watch’s display and button behaviour. The standard Pebble sport app can be configured to show either speed or pace.

The middle button behaviour can also be configured to suit your preference. It can be set to stop an activity, toggle between pause and un-pause or to switch the display between speed and pace. The Pebble watch face will automatically use distance units set in OutFront’s settings.

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