How to connect your Fitbit account with Map My Tracks

  1. Log into on your computer.
  2. Browse to Settings and click on Connect with Fitbit in the sidebar of the page.
  3. Log into Fitbit to complete the authorization.
Once the authorization is complete your Map My Tracks account will show each new activity logged by your Fitbit device.

How to view your Fitbit activity data on Map My Tracks

Once the Fitbit data has been synced to Map My Tracks it will appear on your profile. If the activity data from Fitbit contains location data (GPS) or heart rate data then you will see a map and chart of the heart rate data. Otherwise, it will appear as a manual activity entry on your profile.

How often does my Fitbit account sync with Map My Tracks?

Once your Fitbit device has synced with your Fitbit account then the data should be synced to Map My Tracks within a few minutes.  Fitbit activity log data will only be synced to Map My Tracks. If it is a manual activity on Fitbit it will not be synced to Map My Tracks. 

What data is synced from Fitbit?

  • ‚ÄčTotal steps
  • Distance
  • Speed
  • Heart rate (if available)
  • GPS locations (if available)

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