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iPhone 6 fails to capture data at odd times

Doug — Jul 20, 2015 04:58PM BST

I have had a couple of ongoing problems with MMT and my iPhone. I am not relying on the app in the way that some people seem to so it is mostly an annoyance but if I was relying on it, I would be pretty grumpy.

1. Sometimes, the app stops recording for no apparent reason. Example: on Sunday I was kayaking and the app recorded my progress correctly. When I got back to my starting point and stopped the trip, the app seems to have stopped just around the halfway point. I did not take my phone out and play with it at all. I don't think there was a message or other activity. I was unlikely to have been out of cell range but that shouldn't matter because I have been on serious wilderness trips and the system correctly caught the GPS coordinates just fine. It seems to be random to me. At other times, the app will catch part of the trip and then "stall" showing an "as the crow flies" line zooming from some midpoint to the ending point when it "wakes up" as I stop the recording. I have autopause turned off because that always failed for me. On Sunday, it didn't even bother with the crow-line. I stopped the app back at the green-dot starting point. So I am missing about 50% of the trip. []

2. A related behavior: If I unlock my phone, MMT is always in the background even if I locked the phone with the app in the foreground. I am always presented with the desktop, not the running app. If I forget and click the application icon instead of looking for and retrieving the app running in the background, it almost always mangles the course data and creates an "as the crow flies line" from some midpoint, or just resets to zero and starts recording. That also seems to be the case if I unlock the phone and use another app, even one without location services. That is the reason that I stopped looking at the app or even the phone in mid-trip. It happened too often and I was tired of playing around with it.

Generally I like the app and wish it was more dependable. When it catches things correctly it is great. There is always a quality of randomness about whether it will capture today or not that is frustrating.

1 Community Answers

Rob - Jul 21, 2015 at 01:44PM BST

Map My Tracks team member


Sorry to hear that you are having problems.

Can I ask a few details, please?

Not that these things should necessarily be a problem, but have you noticed any correlation between incoming calls / text messages and failed tracks?
Also, how many activities have you currently got in your app's history section?
Finally, have you tried deleting and re-installing the app? If need be, you can sync your activities online to Map My Tracks to avoid losing any data.

Thanks and regards,

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