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Live tracks not working

Alex Grishaver — Mar 16, 2016 04:09PM GMT

Folks, we're having consistent problems with not being able to view users' live tracks and could really use your help.
Users will start a new ride and...
- we might see the new track created in the web view, but there is no apparent tracking, even when the user reports that he is moving.
- in some cases we might see movement being captured when a user is stationary, but no movement captured when the user is actually moving.
- no new ride is created, even when the user says they've started a new track.

Sharing is set to public, phones are picking up gps signals, everyone has the "pro" version. All users are using iPhone 5s. A small number of users never have problems.

Wrote to you guys yesterday and haven't heard back. Help?


1 Community Answers

Nick - Mar 17, 2016 at 01:13PM GMT

Map My Tracks team member

Hey Alex, we've sent a reply to your email but here's a summary...

The behaviour you are describing sounds like the page showing the progress of the user is timing out. This would happen if a new location has not been received by the system for the past few minutes. In essence, if it does not receive more data before then it switches to a read-only state. Sometimes, there is a valid reason for the long gap between updates and in that case you can refresh the page and it will revert to a live state again if new data is there.

If you are aiming to monitor more than one person then you might benefit from setting up an event. This will allow you to follow the progress of all of them on one map. Under an event the live tracking doesn't time out as mentioned above.

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