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GPS way off the mark

Kris — Apr 01, 2016 02:06PM BST


I have a question regarding my mapmytracks app. I'm a flight attendant and use the app regularly, in different countries. I've noticed however that the tracked route is off consistently by quite a large margin. In the link below you can see a good example from my last Shanghai visit; I've taken a boat tour, which was tracked perfectly during the tour (the route was perfectly tracked in the middle of the river) yet afterwards, I noticed the route, overall, was off the mark considerable. In the picture you can see the boat tour showing up on land. This screenshot was taken after I had uploaded the route to the site.

I've checked other recent uploads, and they all miss the mark, some by a large margin suck as this, others by a smaller, but still significant one.

Can anyone tell me what's going on and what I could do about it? Thanks!


1 Community Answers

Nick - Apr 02, 2016 at 03:12PM BST

Map My Tracks team member

I think it is more to do with the maps source powered by Google that we use here on Map My Tracks.

I found your example track but switched the map to a satellite one and on that type of view it is right in the middle of the river.

We rely on third-party maps to show the routes on but given your examples it seems that the map data may not be perfect. Sorry about that.

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