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Editing activity titles

Anthony J. Biacco — Jul 01, 2016 05:44PM BST

I'm finding it time consuming to create/edit an activity title.

I get my gpx into mapmytracks by emailing it to my mapmytracks email address for import. This is from my phone. No problem.

But then to set a title on the activity, i have to do it in the browser on my computer.
Tried doing it looking at the activity through the phone app, not available.
Tried doing it looking at the activity through the phone browser, not available.

The best way I think would be to pull the title of the activity name from the email body (since the subject line is used for an activity comment). Or allow special formatting in the subject line to accept both, something like: COMMENT//TITLE



2 Community Answers

Nick - Jul 05, 2016 at 08:51AM BST

Map My Tracks team member

Thanks for the feedback Tony. We have now made it possible for you to change the title, and other details, when viewing your activity in a mobile browser.

There is now an Actions tab that exposed various options that were only previously seen on desktop browsers.

Our apps have options to edit things like notes, activity types and tags but not the title. We'll add that to the app road map and aim to include it in a future release.

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Anthony J. Biacco - Jul 07, 2016 at 04:19AM BST

It worked, thanks! Appreciate it. Keep up the good work.


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