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Continuing problems with app

Rick Bauer — Aug 24, 2017 09:18PM BST

While I have enjoyed some aspects of your app (as compared to say, Strava) I have found several traits that are having me re-think my purchase of your product. case in point:

1) I am continually asked, everyday, if 'I would like to upgrade"; I have upgraded (and have even went through the "upgrade" process countless times) each time I am reminded that "I am already subscribed for PLUS and do not need to upgrade. I am unable to go public since your system does NOT recognize my upgrade (event though your other part of your system DOES say I have upgraded!!!!!!!!!
I also unable to "sync" my daily activities (no doubt because I cannot select the "public" option WHICH I CANNOT DO WITHOUT BEING RECOGNIZED AS UPGRADED!!!!!!

2) I do not think I have ever found a MORE convoluted, complex procedure for uploading photos to any computer device. After countless attempts (and wasted time) I have virtually given up trying to upload a photo of myself to my profile .. mainly because 1) You show NO instructions HOW to upload it and 2) I have attempted every possible "email upload" that your app requires all to no avail...

While I realize you are fancy computer program "developers" and you pride yourself on designing an app that is utilitarian... as a consumer of your product.. I am very close to saying the app suck and throwing it in the trash..

Your addressing these concerns adequately is vital to my continued subscription to the service...

1 Community Answers

Nick - Aug 25, 2017 at 08:22AM BST

Map My Tracks team member

Thanks for your feedback on our service. As we work, and use it everyday, we sometimes forget how new users experience Map My Tracks.

With regards to the upgrade - if you have completed the in-app purchase on an iOS device but it has not registered then please try the Restore purchases options in the app's Settings page. If the in-app purchase was done on an Android device then please send in the email receipt you would have received and we'll cross reference it to the records we get from Google.

Either way, let me know how you get on.

With regards to photos - yes, we know we currently make it tricky for you to upload photos but that will change. The photo uploads started as a website feature and it's been great to see that being used. At present, the simplest way to upload photos from your phone is to email them in as an attachment to your Map My Tracks email address. You'll find this either in the website Settings > Account Settings or in the app when you view your own profile then tap on the photos icon.

We are working on ways to significantly improve the photos upload process so please bear with us.

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