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Graph on IPhone shows in KM

Marvin Burns — Jun 28, 2012 05:37PM BST

Love the app, and all it does, but it is not showing the correct units in history.

Have Units set to miles. History shows info in miles, but when I click on Activity Speed, and look at the graph, the graph is not showing any units, but it is showing the actually speed in KM/hr.

The Distribution shows in MPH as units, but it is actually pulling the speed data in KM/hr. For example, the distribution shows that 33% of the workout was between 16-24 mph. Reviewing the actual data shows that 33% of the workout was between 16 and 24 km/hr.

Elevation gain/loss show in feet in the history, but when I look at the graph for elevation gain / loss, the graph does not show any units, but it is displaying the elevation in meters, instead of feet.

Using MapMyTracks Outfront for Iphone.

What can I do to see the correct units in teh graphs?

Thanks for your help

1 Community Answers

Nick - Jul 10, 2012 at 01:24PM BST

Map My Tracks team member

Thanks for highlighting this bug. We'll ensure it is corrected in the next update.

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