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Photo uploaded in inverted way

Hi, I tried to upload my picture but it appears inverted. I tried several times and the result in the same. Please help.

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change language

how do I change the language in the app?

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uploading photo

Cannot upload photo (server respond code 500) . Please advise

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Mio Alpha

My Mio Alpha worked with the runtastic app. Now I want to switch to MapMyTracks but I can´t connect the watch using the android app (oneplus one). Watch not supported? Me stupid?

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Map doesn't display properly on PC

I used this app for the first time yesterday. The map of my 14km hike displays properly on my phone, but when I look at it on my PC it only shows the first 1.97kms, though all of the stats (distance, time, elev...

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Hay una versión en español de este sitio? mi inglés es limitado.

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Timeline data on app incorrect

I had to delete the app from my phone and re download it. When I restored the data from the webpage which has the correct timeline data and history data, all that comes across to the app is the history but no...

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Help my Map my Tracks doesn't work.

It either crashes or looses the time. Its a Samsung S7 has this been caused by an update? how can I fix this as I'm using to record my training data for the Revolve 24 race!

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Does map my tracks sell my email address information? ever since signing up for Map My Tracks, my spam has exploded. I'm considering deleting the app because it appears the two are related?

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MapMyTracks and FitBit Surge

Is there a way to link the FitBit Surge watch to Map(MyFavourite)MyTracks?

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