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Still Being Charged after Cancellation

Who to contact to stop payments as I have cancelled accounts and plus

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Event Live Tracking

Have tried loads of Test Events, have Pro installed on Android, set Public View and Attend event still no live tracking on Event file. Event file set to correct date and time, exact course plotted. Can see li...

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heat map (all years)

Hi there How can I show the heat map for every track I've made, across all years?

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Activity speed seems inaccurate

I’ve been using MMT when I downhill ski for the past few years and love being able to review the saved stats. This year my “top speed” seems a little exaggerated. Years past I could count on 27 - 35 mph top sp...

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Exporting data as .csv

I am trying to export my activity data (for all activities) as a .csv file to do some analytics in Excel, including relating to ascent stats. When I export from the Calendar, I get the following headings: R...

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I can´t send the file

Hi, I can´t send the gpx file to my google gmail account; what is happenning? In the past I did it every time Thanks a lot

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Setting a default activity type

I set my default activity to "cycling." But MapMyTracks (plus) begins each activity of mine as "miscellaneous." How to make the app comply with my wish on an iPhone?

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How to delete a segment, to which I have given a misleading title? Wrong title is "Hottingerplatz->Bellevue->St Anna-Hof"

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