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heat map (all years)

Hi there How can I show the heat map for every track I've made, across all years?

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Activity speed seems inaccurate

I’ve been using MMT when I downhill ski for the past few years and love being able to review the saved stats. This year my “top speed” seems a little exaggerated. Years past I could count on 27 - 35 mph top sp...

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Exporting data as .csv

I am trying to export my activity data (for all activities) as a .csv file to do some analytics in Excel, including relating to ascent stats. When I export from the Calendar, I get the following headings: R...

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I can´t send the file

Hi, I can´t send the gpx file to my google gmail account; what is happenning? In the past I did it every time Thanks a lot

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Setting a default activity type

I set my default activity to "cycling." But MapMyTracks (plus) begins each activity of mine as "miscellaneous." How to make the app comply with my wish on an iPhone?

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How to delete a segment, to which I have given a misleading title? Wrong title is "Hottingerplatz->Bellevue->St Anna-Hof"

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Finding my way back when lost

Can I use MAP MY TRACKS to reverse the route and show me when I get off track on the way home?

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which GPS device question

Does anyone know what is the cheapest device I can use to get the required files to mapmytrack for a sailing trip? I need to know the exact amount of distance travelled (not just a-b) so not sure how often it...

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