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activities not syncing

I use the pro ap for my iPhone, but it won't let me sync activities with the website?

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remove comment

Is it possible to remove a comment posted by myself in one of my activity ?

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Have a cardio belt with ant+ (Adidas), but not syncronized with the app MapMyTracks. Is it possible with this brand or is necesary another brand?. Thank you.

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MMT closes when I receive a text on my iphone

When I receive a text whilst on a walk,(iphone 3G) the mmt application starts to 'aquire' me again. It stays like that until I reset and restart the app. Is this a problem my end?

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Can i see on my mobile tracks i upload or tracks i already done?

Hello, I upload tracks with gpx uploader. I see the tracks on my computer, but i want to know if i can see those tracks from my mobile device. I want to follow this track, how can i do? Thank you.

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Download to MacPro for transfer to iPhone...not working

I have just paid for the App, and just clicked download. It has appeared on my iTunes APP list but it will not open. WHY? I need to get this onto my iPhone asap! It said that it was possible to transfer ...

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Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/

Whenever I upload gpx file to your service I see the following error message (a lot of them actually): Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/vhosts/

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Chart - Elevation vs Distance

Can I amend the charts so that I can see elevation or climb versus distance?

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Problem with API get_activities request

I posted the following request But I did not get back the expected results.

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Garmin 500 cycling computer

Thinking of getting a Garmin so I can only use one thing for tracking. Instead of the phone and a computer on the bike. Does the info from the Garmin load the same and look the same as the info I see from the ...

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