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Fecha y hora de la ruta incorrecta.

Cuando subo una ruta a mapmytracks, sube con la fecha del dia siguiente y una hora antes de cuando la grabe realmente. Como puedo modificar esto? el nombre de la ruta es la fecha y hora correctas, pero en mapmy...

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Search activity

I find it very complicated to look for a certain activity e.g. in the last year. Is there an easy way to do it. E.g. I want to find my activity on Sep. 22 in 2011 Can I do that without scrolling down through...

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I am exploring using Map My Tracks and I like it so far - when I am outside. However, when I go downstairs, then I lose GPS signal. Since I think a lot of people have their treadmills in the basement, I am wo...

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forgotten username and password

How can i obtain either an email reminding me of my username and password or alternatively reset my username and password as I cannot access the iPhone app as the app was lost on my phone and i have just reinst...

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heart rate belt

can I use the belt that came with mij Polar sportswatch?

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Problems uploading GPX files

I've been having a few problems with the accuracy of the data I'm getting via the iPhone app, so I thought I'd have a go at tracking my next route with an old Garmin Legend Cx I had lying about. ...

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heart rate sensor

Which heart rate sensor works best with the MapMyTracks iPhone 4s app? Where can I purchase one?

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Attaching my track to a Blog

How do I add a map to a blog? (as opposed to just sending a link to the mapmytrack website.)

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Live track display

When watching a live track, the marker that indicates where the person is at never displays at the latest track point. I can see the track updating and the marker is not at the most current track point but alw...

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Transferring runs from my iPhone

i am using the app map my tracks on my iPhone, but I cannot figure out how to get my runs to the website

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