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Transferring runs from my iPhone

i am using the app map my tracks on my iPhone, but I cannot figure out how to get my runs to the website

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Iphone map my tracks - music

Can I play music on my iphone whilst running Map My Tracks or will doing so stop it working?

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Correction of time

sometimes I forget to stop the app when I come back from a trip, and then the average speed is not right. I its possible to correct the used time later, when the track is already uploaded? When I upload a trac...

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Problems emailing to my dropbox

I am trying out mapmytracks for the first time. I am using Kinetic Lite on my iPhone to record GPS data and tried emailing the resulting .gpx file to the dropbox email address I was supplied with but it didn&...

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Browser Gets Very Slow When Watching Long Tracks Live

Short tracks are great in the browser but as live tracks get longer the browser gets slower and slower to the point it becomes unusable when trying to look at sections of the track etc. Long tracks e.g. over 70...

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Back syncing

I know how to sync tracks from my iPhone to the website but is there anyway to upload tracks that you manually load using a pc (ie gym sessions) so they show on your iPhone - all I can show on my phone are thos...

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Is there a way to send pictures taken in the track??? Tnks

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Privacy settings

Can someone tell me how to change your activity settings from private to public, I've done around 10 activities and when I sync them from my iphone I've set them as private but now want to change all ...

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Uploading Activities from my iPhone

For some reason some of my activities are not being uploaded to the website. Is there a way to resend the information.

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Problem upload gpx

hi, I have problems to upload gpx. The statistics are not two days ago. Thank you..

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