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MapMyTracks and FitBit Surge

Is there a way to link the FitBit Surge watch to Map(MyFavourite)MyTracks?

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map zoom

hello. Is it normal that map zoom in activity map player is always back to default one after few seconds? tried to zoom different ways - mouse wheel, googlemap in-out buttons(+/-), mapmytrack zoom controls (blu...

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Participant in error

Hi Community, how do I delete myself as a participant from an event. I only meant to follow!

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Phone battery died during ride

My phone battery died during my ride, can I add to the data to make a complete ride

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Uploading from iPhone (wifi only) to App on PC

Hello: I did my first bike ride and recorded it on my iPhone. This phone is not on any phone network but only used as a device with a wifi connection. I have both offline google maps and the MapMyTracks a...

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I cannot see my track

After the last update, it is impossible to see my track. I am ussing this application for working and it is important for my employer to see where i went. Is it possible to turn it on? Or to download an earlier...

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Creating a team walk

Hello. I am new to this app and have joined hoping to be able to create a team/group. We are a family group planning on walking the Thames Path, but each of us will be walking different sections. We want to b...

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My mileage consistently seems to be underreported relative to trail maps and trail signage. Does anyone know why? Does anyone know how to correct the mileage recording?

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I hiked with a group that used 2 garmin GPS and they measured the distance as 9.? km's. My MMT measure 16 km's. The official distance for the d...

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duplicating an event

Anyone have luck duplicating an event? I have tried for the first time and only receive a generic error. - Mike

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