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duplicating an event

Anyone have luck duplicating an event? I have tried for the first time and only receive a generic error. - Mike

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timeline sending me to login again

whenever I press timeline it sends me to the login page again and again! I enter my login but it just brings up the login page again... Thanks in advance, Gary

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Method to batch download all activity data

Hello, Is there an easy method to download all of my activity data in one shot? I've seen other recommendations to go activity by activity, but that is un-scalable with 100's of tracks. Thanks, ...

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What is the smallest custom Android ROM (Android 4.0 or higher)?

I need a minimalistic custom Android ROM which has a lot of RAM free for use because the app Map My Tracks needs a lot of RAM. I want to only use my phone for one thing and only have one application installed o...

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Errors on the leaderboard

Hi community. One of my favourite aspects of MapMyTracks is the email I receive each Sunday evening. It details two things I really find motivational - firstly how many calories I have burned that week (and ...

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Error sync with website

Hi all, I have a problem with mi Map My Tracks APP for iPhone 6. I want to sync with website after finishing an activity but if I tap on the options icon (3 dots) and choose 'Sync with website' an ...

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email summary

i used to get email summaries every sunday around 4 pm. i have not received any since july 3rd. is there a parameter for this or a setting?

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How do I save a route so it shows up in the Routes section of the app? Also, how can I use a route? When I go to history and select an existing route I've done and select the "use Route" it auto...

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GPS coordinates

Where/how would I find lat/long of points along a saved map?

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Editing activity titles

I'm finding it time consuming to create/edit an activity title. I get my gpx into mapmytracks by emailing it to my mapmytracks email address for import. This is from my phone. No problem. But then to...

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