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GPS way off the mark

Hi, I have a question regarding my mapmytracks app. I'm a flight attendant and use the app regularly, in different countries. I've noticed however that the tracked route is off consistently by quit...

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Featuring a map on an event webpage

Is it possible to create a route map in Map My Tracks, then use an iframe code to embed the map into a Wordpress website to share with event participants?

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Live tracks not working

Folks, we're having consistent problems with not being able to view users' live tracks and could really use your help. Users will start a new ride and... - we might see the new track created in the...

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X-country motorcycle trip

I noticed in the app that there is an option for motorcycle under activity setting. I also read a support entry that described a way to enable live tracking by setting up an event. My question is can you ena...

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Auto resume doesn't work?

Hi, I have an iphone 5s and so far have only the free version of mapmytracks. I noticed however that when I'm mapping, with the settings "auto resume", and "auto pause" on "on&q...

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ANT+ sensors on android

Where is the support for ANT+ sensors on android? According to this page: you say you support HR,power,speed etc but I cannot find any way to add these sensors on the Andr...

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error loading events

I can not see any events, Current, Featured, Upcoming or otherwise, in the MMT Android mobile app. I keep getting "Error loading events" when clicking any of the filtered selections from the events p...

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​Muy buenos días Escribo desde México para comentarles que tengo unos problemas con su aplicación, hay varios equipos que estamos utilizando y cerro la sesión para sincronizar los datos, posterior a esto ya ...

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mobile app

For the mobile (Android in my case) app, can someone explain the difference between the "Map My Tracks Cycling Run Walk" aka "OutFront" and the "Map My Tracks Endurance"? The latt...

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Track Title

Calendar just shows track activity. Any way to show track title on calendar?

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