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Track Title

Calendar just shows track activity. Any way to show track title on calendar?

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Map my tracks did not saved the route

Hi, Today after I finished my route I did what I always do which is quite basic: I just pressed stop and when it offered the 'pause' or 'stop' options I chose stop. Then it showed the usu...

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Why do calorie calculations ignore most of the data submitted.

The calorie calculation done by mapmytracks is derived entirely from type of activity and duration. It does not change for speed, distance, elevation change (climbing and descending ) or heart rate. I ca...

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recover delete activity

Just started using ur app, I accidentally deleted my run today and want it back, how do I recover it? I deleted from my phone not online...

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street map when viewing web interface

Is there a way to use the street map when viewing using a web browser? The map when viewing using the app on my iPhone is much better than Google Maps.

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Losing runs & bike rides and/or have to restart phone to get them back

When I go to for a bike ride when I get back and STOP MMT the display is all screwy (meaningless values displayed). I have to shut the phone off and then restart it and then my display will show my ride. This ...

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App Crashes on iOS 9 and iOS 9.0.1

App crashes shortly after tracking starts. You can resume tracking by reopening the app. Is this a known issue?

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Can't see map for "Race to the Stones"

When looking at the map at I get... Oh snap! Something has gone wrong. Sorry, the page you are trying to view is not here. Please make sure you entered the right ...

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Guide to Riding Sportives

Where can I download the Guide to Riding Sportives training guide?

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Delet follower in mobile version?

How can I delet a follower in the mobile version (Android)? I can't get rid of a follower`s messages when going active. Uli

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