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How to edit route?

Hi, How can I edit a route? I want to delete parts of it. I read the answer here --> But it is not working. Tha...

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absent data (altitude and HRM)

Hi, last time i can't see any data (HRM and altidude) provided by PebbleBike to this site, Could you check if data from BebbleBike is present or i should contact PebbleBike support to fix this issue. M...

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When out of cell service....

When I am out of cell service, I see that map my tracks still tracks my distance traveled. How accurate is this?

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Adding a "friend"

How do I add someone as a "friend" so I can track them? When I click on "friends" then "search" they are not showing in the list even though I know I am entering the correct infor...

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avg speed

I want to see my average speed for the acvtive time. But when I upload any file from my phone I see my average for the total time ( including stop time) .

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Can I Sync all Tracks Retroactively at One Time? (iPhone)

Can I Sync all Tracks Retroactively at One Time? Or do I have to sync each track one at a time?

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Longer Tracks Not Syncing

Longer tracks won't sync. Shorter tracks sync.

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Problem with stopping activities.

Hi. I've been having a lot of problems lately with stopping an activity. What happens is this. I'll start Map My Tracks just before I start my ride. Ride for a couple hours, get home and stop MMT (Map...

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new password

where do I go on the website to change my password?

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Track a buddy on London Revoultion May 2015

My buddy is doing this. I want to track him. I see the event is on your events already. So he needs to "attend" first - is that correct ? If he sets himself a "Public" , I do not need a ...

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