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Guide to Riding Sportives

Where can I download the Guide to Riding Sportives training guide?

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Delet follower in mobile version?

How can I delet a follower in the mobile version (Android)? I can't get rid of a follower`s messages when going active. Uli

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Chnage user name

How can I change the user name once I have created the account?

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when i cycle with my iphone and my android cell phone i have a gap of about 750 calories, in the iphone it is 800 calories and in the android it shoes about 1550 calories. important to say that the units and th...

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windows phone

eta on release for windows phone?

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Can't change my password and maptracks isn't recognizing background refresh is on

Two issues. Just re-downloaded the app and had forgotten my password. Went through the reset process but now I can't change it. Going to brings me to a login page. I log on, it bri...

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inconsistent and missing saved runs; incorrect stats regarding a run; app 'crashing'

I have an Apple iPhone 5S - 16 GB - iOS is 8.4. I am using MMT-OutFront 4.0.2 The last was update to this version was July 15, 2015, Since then app has seemingly kept my run stats up to the point where I try to...

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Connection to apple's Health app (problem)

I can't get activities to feed into the apple Health app. The weight and personal stats gather data FROM the health app, but I can't get my walk or cycling activities to feed into the Health app diag...

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how to remove a segment

I tried to create a segment and now I want to erase, can someone help me ? Thanks

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can't login

I just created an account and used the link to activate it. When I try to login on the website, I don't get any error message but I am driven back to the homepage withtout actually being logged in. If I ...

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