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Syncronize apple phone 5S - to computer

I can't syncrosize my apple phone with the computer (Map my tracks). Is that normal. On my phone i can see my rides with the bike but i cant syncronsize him with te computer. Is this normal with the free ...

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iPhone 6 fails to capture data at odd times

I have had a couple of ongoing problems with MMT and my iPhone. I am not relying on the app in the way that some people seem to so it is mostly an annoyance but if I was relying on it, I would be pretty grumpy....

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Activity change

Hi All, i have uploaded some activities today, but unfortunately the default activity appears to be running, and i want to change these to cycling, but its not that easy, any help appreciated using a Mac...

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Only Wahoo sensors supported

For Bluetooth, are only Wahoo sensors supported, or will other brands work?

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privacy zones

with live tracking, privacy zones doesn't function ?

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Synchronization failed with Samsung Galaxy S4 - June 2015

Hello, I try to sync with website my several tracks with (public/private) however this message appears: " Activity sync failed. Please try again" What should I do? Right now I'm sharing ...

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Hello. I have a problem with "mapmytracks" and the "live tracking", through oruxmaps. After you set up the account of mapmytracks in oruxmaps, home recording of the track, and then active th...

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Sync not working

Is the sync down this morning?? I've been trying for 1/2 hour and it keeps failing. Have checked and I"m on the internet and you site appears to be up. Thanks,

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endurance track/log not seen in mapmytracks

Pro user. Used Endurance (Android) but this activity not seen by my followers (live) nor me after the event using the MapMyTracks browser. This is the main reason I'm using MapMyTracks.

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How to edit route?

Hi, How can I edit a route? I want to delete parts of it. I read the answer here --> But it is not working. Tha...

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