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Adding a "friend"

How do I add someone as a "friend" so I can track them? When I click on "friends" then "search" they are not showing in the list even though I know I am entering the correct infor...

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avg speed

I want to see my average speed for the acvtive time. But when I upload any file from my phone I see my average for the total time ( including stop time) .

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Can I Sync all Tracks Retroactively at One Time? (iPhone)

Can I Sync all Tracks Retroactively at One Time? Or do I have to sync each track one at a time?

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Longer Tracks Not Syncing

Longer tracks won't sync. Shorter tracks sync.

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Problem with stopping activities.

Hi. I've been having a lot of problems lately with stopping an activity. What happens is this. I'll start Map My Tracks just before I start my ride. Ride for a couple hours, get home and stop MMT (Map...

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new password

where do I go on the website to change my password?

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Track a buddy on London Revoultion May 2015

My buddy is doing this. I want to track him. I see the event is on your events already. So he needs to "attend" first - is that correct ? If he sets himself a "Public" , I do not need a ...

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Problem syncing

Always able to sync ok until this last week. Tried both syncing to website from iphone and also emailing my activities. User name and password correct on both systems.

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Livetracking freezes

When I show a friend's livetracking on my browser, I first see the livetracking icon flashing. But when the next position data arrives, the icon stops flashing and the icon does not move to the new pos...

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Did it again. Pls edit my activity. I don't know how I managed to screw it up again, but I just know it won't be the last time. Please edit the time on that activ...

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