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new password

where do I go on the website to change my password?

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Track a buddy on London Revoultion May 2015

My buddy is doing this. I want to track him. I see the event is on your events already. So he needs to "attend" first - is that correct ? If he sets himself a "Public" , I do not need a ...

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Problem syncing

Always able to sync ok until this last week. Tried both syncing to website from iphone and also emailing my activities. User name and password correct on both systems.

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Livetracking freezes

When I show a friend's livetracking on my browser, I first see the livetracking icon flashing. But when the next position data arrives, the icon stops flashing and the icon does not move to the new pos...

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Did it again. Pls edit my activity. I don't know how I managed to screw it up again, but I just know it won't be the last time. Please edit the time on that activ...

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exporting KML file from app

I see that I can export my route into KML format from the website, but is there a way to do this directly from the app? I am able to email myself a .gpx file directly from the app but can't see settings to...

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Elevation vs. Distance

I saw that the plot of Elevation vs. Distance was already discussed in the past. Is there any news about it? I would like to convert my graphs to have the distance on the X axis. I think it is something which w...

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logged out from website...

Hi, I downloaded the app yesterday (have only just figured out how to get the activities from my phone onto the website ;) ) Unfortunately every time I try to do something on the website I am taken back to the...

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How to view the GPX File after Syncing

I have MapMyTracks on a Samsung Galaxy S4 (android) cell phone. I have Synced with Website from the app's History file. Now how do I access it in the on-line MapMy Tracks site. I've tried a few of ...

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Not shown total ascent/descent values while uploading via API

I uploaded GPX file using API and don't see some data Then I export this track as GPX and upload this one manually and I have all data shown.

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