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How do you import KMZ files?

How do you import KMZ files? Is it even possible to do? Thank you.

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HI, I'm trying to sinc from app to website but I have a message:"activity sync failed. Please try again". I've tried public and private too but I have the same error. Please let me know som...

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I have synced to my computer many ties, but it will not sync anymore. All previous questions regarding syncing have been answered by "we must be doing maintenance" or "your attempts probably coi...

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2 Problems with mymaptracks

Hi I am new on mymaptracks and preferred it to strava. I am using oruxmaps on android to record tracks: 1: When I upload directly from oruxmaps app to mymaptracks, maximum speed is not displayed on mymaptr...

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Malfunction of gps/app/whatever

Please allow me to select a route for the manual "upload" of activities, I've only been using this for a while but already twice the app has been unable to track my route, and I end up with absur...

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updated profile pic and nickname do not show in activity replay

I recently updated my profile pic and nickname. Activity replay still shows the old pic and nickname. Bug or feature?

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Inaccurate elevation gain/loss?

Am enjoying my new MapMyTracks. Mileage appears accurate as does the beginning/ending elevation. However the gain/loss in feet of my rides is usually nearly double what my buddies are reporting. They're us...

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Cruising the world

We are cruising the world on our 47' sailboat and would love to track our position using this app. Does anyone know if this will work? We will only be able to update our tracks when we find wifi in very r...

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Tracking on water -- Sailing

I am looking for a solution to track sailboats for an inland lake regatta (200-250 boats). Does this solution allow tracking on water. The area in Southern Wisconsin which this will take place has pretty good...

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Wahoo HR band connection via BlueTooth

When will MapMyTracks connect to a HR band / monitor via Bluetooth. I have the Wahoo Trickr and currently it requires a ANT connector. Other application see the HR band straight away but MapMyTracks requires an...

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