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Time zone

Why no New Zealand Time zone????

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share position real time

I´m looking for an app with good quality terrain maps that let me share my position real time, could be fun to have a game with others trying to find me as I move in the terrain. The best thing would be if I co...

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Morning, Do you know if it is planned to offer more languages in the Android application? If so, on what date could there be a French version please? Thank you

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Android 8 Oreo background issues

Can you advise if there is a way to keep the app running in the foreground. Since updating to Android 8 Oreo, the GPS does not continue to record after the screen times out - as the app is read as being in the...

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weekly activity report monday missing

I live in Australia. Timezone +10/+11 hours When I upload an activity for any Monday it almost never gets counted in the weekly summary. Seems to miss some sort of cut off time that is not taking time zones ...

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preious version of map my tracks android

how I can return to previous version of map my tracks app I updayted, and do not like it No more free live tracking on new version, You want to loose yoour users?

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Active route Planner

was thinking the other day is there any chance of having a active route planner. i.e. map a route on your PC then sync it to your iphone/android and follow the route? Kind regards,

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Upgrade to pro

Hi there, I have tryed to use this tool and I find it very cool, but I f I wanted to upgrade how can I could make it? I dont find any page on web page to upgrade Thanks

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can't enter duration with 00 min or 00 sec

can't enter duration with 00 min or 00 sec since the update only numbers from 1-60 not 0, please correct this, thanks

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'next page' doesnt work

Hi. When I have more than 25 Activities in my training room, I can't go to next page to see others.

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