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website in french, when ?

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Login page is not secured by SSL

Hi, I've noticed that the login page is not secured by SSL (HTTPS), hence allowing a middleman to sniff my username and password. A higher risk is if a user uses the same user/password for other, mor...

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where are my Old tracks

Hi, I uploaded about a year ago a few tracks. I do not see them anymore. Thanks, Shneor

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Map loading smoothness

Hi, I am using the free version of MapMyTracks on a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Android OS. I love most features, however, the map control does not seem very smooth to me. When I enlarge or scroll away from th...

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Mail-Upload failes because email does not work!

Now I have another uploading issue. It's a pitty with those uploading issues allt the time because the other features are quite good. Besides the missing data when using upload via oruxmaps, I can't u...

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picture of horseback Rider

My friends and I love to use My Tracks to track our trails and location on Horseback. We would love to see you offer a picture selection of a horseback rider. As of now we are having to use a jogger or a bicyc...

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Suggestion for more free features

Comparing to the free version of miCoach (Adidas), here are some things that would better compete with them and what I would like to see: * Voice coaching, or at least a voice read-out of your progress/stats...

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This morning while kayaking, and while mapmytracks was tracking on my iphone, I took the iphone to take a photo. When I got to the finish to stop the mapmytracks, it asks if I want to resume. There was a straig...

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Ice boating

Can Ice Boating be added to the activities? I use windsurfing as the closest fit but I am telling my iceboating buddies about the app and we'd like our own category. Thanks!

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Split recordings / change activities

I'd find it really useful if I could record splits to mapmytracks using the iPhone app. For example, if I ride to the local woods to go out on the mountain bike trails then I'd want a split when I swi...

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