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MMT Plus payment options

Would like to see you accept Paypal as a payment method for MMT Plus. I've had a CC number hacked from a vendor before and will not give it out any longer. Thanks.

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Graph on IPhone shows in KM

Love the app, and all it does, but it is not showing the correct units in history. Have Units set to miles. History shows info in miles, but when I click on Activity Speed, and look at the graph, the graph i...

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Elevation graph suggestion

Hi, The whole website is great but I miss having the graphs with distance in the X axis instead of time. For some sports such as running is more useful as it is now, but for others such as mountain biking is...

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Route planning

Hi. It would be very useful to be able to plan a route on the web site, then follow it on the iPhone (like reusing the route of a previous activity). As I'm using a bike mount, the top would be to have com...

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dropdown menu disappears in Firefox

I am using Firefox v 10 and I cannot use the dropdown menus. The menus disappear when I move the mouse cursor to an item. It works OK in Chrome, so I guess it's some CSS or Javascript quirk that has not be...

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Track gym miles and add Prone Paddlers too!

I walk, cycle, and paddle and would like to track my gym visits as well. Please also either make a generic paddle board (not stand up) category or create a prone paddle category. Prone paddlers use hands to pad...

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heart rate

How can I connect a heart rate belt to mapmytracks, or is it not possible.

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I would like an activity export function. This would be usefull if I have no coverage or data plan to upload the activity from PC after export. Thanks Attila

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sync from phone to web

Hi, I am using this app on SE C905 and I have problem to sync my activity back to the web. It says: Activity synced online but no record on the web account. Am I missing something ? Many thanks Attila

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Use Odometry Data To Calculate Speed Where Available

Speed from GPS is invariably not very accurate and it gets worse the shorter the interval between locations. Therefore it would be great if you would accept odometry data and use this to calculate speed and...

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