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heart rate

How can I connect a heart rate belt to mapmytracks, or is it not possible.

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I would like an activity export function. This would be usefull if I have no coverage or data plan to upload the activity from PC after export. Thanks Attila

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sync from phone to web

Hi, I am using this app on SE C905 and I have problem to sync my activity back to the web. It says: Activity synced online but no record on the web account. Am I missing something ? Many thanks Attila

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Use Odometry Data To Calculate Speed Where Available

Speed from GPS is invariably not very accurate and it gets worse the shorter the interval between locations. Therefore it would be great if you would accept odometry data and use this to calculate speed and...

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Import Data from Livestrong Treadmill

Is it possible to import the data from the Livestrong Treadmills.

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My tracks on the iphone 3gs will not display on the web?

My tracks on the iphone 3gs will not display on the web? Is there somehow a reason for this?

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Sport gym

Hi all, I am using the out front app,a few months now. I use it for walking, and Mountain biking in the forrest in holland. And i am a big fan. Now i am going to the gym also. Is it an idea that you put ...

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How to improve embeeded code

Hi I have installed iframe to our site, to show our visitors a map of our flight. I came to few points i would like to share with you: - Iframe should be with less info or at least pick up possibility whi...

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How to real-time tracking

Hi I have managed to set my site to show my hub ( .. scroll down) and now i would like to know how to set MyTracks to broadcast my current location. Is it broadcasting my location a...

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heart rate sensor

Might the BowFlex Pro Trainer XT heart rate monitor watch's chest belt work as well as the Polar or Zephyr at getting data to an android phone running My Tracks?

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