Uploading to Map My Tracks

Upload file gpx Android

Buongiorno, si potrebbe mettere la funzione Upload sull'app Android? Sarebbe utile, perché se qualcuno vuole condividere il proprio percorso, può mandarlo via whatsapp e l'utente in seguito può cari...

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Continuing problems with app

While I have enjoyed some aspects of your app (as compared to say, Strava) I have found several traits that are having me re-think my purchase of your product. case in point: 1) I am continually asked, every...

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timezone gpx

when i upload gpx file it doesnt make timezone correction. timezone in my profile preferences are +3hours. when i upload it stays as pointed in gpx file, but there is utc-time (+0), so it looks like i started m...

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show my progress

Hi. Is there any way to show the progress of my walk without first creating an event, ie, show to my friends the tour I'm doing in live, without previous gpx. Thx. Alfredo

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remove tags

it's impossible to remove tag from uploaded activity

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tracks not showed by tags

I've manually added an activity with some tags, but cannot see it searching by tags

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