A goal includes the goal type (distance, duration or activities), the activity type (your chosen sport), the target (e.g., number of miles, hours or activities), and the start and end dates (which can be over any period of time).

Distance refers to the number of miles to achieve (e.g. mountain biking for 50 miles).

Duration refers to the number of hours that you want to do your activity for (e.g. swimming for 5 hours).

Activities refers to how many times that you want to do your sport for (e.g. walking 3 times).

Activity type is the type of sport that you want to do.

Target is the number of miles (for a distance goal), hours (for a duration goal) or activities (for an activities goal)

You can choose any start and end dates for your goal. This can include the current date or you can set dates for in the future.

Once your goal is set, you will be able to see a bar that shows your current progress and your target. You will also be able to see target information and performance information.

Target information shows how much you need to do over the next day/week/month to achieve your goal. It also shows a countdown for each.

Performance information tells you how much you have already done towards your target in terms of daily/weekly/monthly performance. It also shows how many days/weeks/months you have done.

You can view current goals, previous goals and upcoming goals.