We have made it simple for all Map My Tracks’ users to take, upload and share photos in the Map My Tracks app. 

The in-app camera enables you to take and upload photos from directly within the app. You do not need to open your camera from outside of the Map My Tracks app to take a photo when you are tracking. In addition, you do not need to pin or email photos separately (although you can still do this manually via the Map My Tracks website, if you wish).

You have the choice to keep your photos private or to share them publicly.

Add photos to your activities

Photos can be added to any of your own activities on Map My Tracks. When a photo has been uploaded it will be added to the activity breakdown, and if GPS data is present in the photo's meta data it will be presented on the map.

Photos will adhere to the activity's privacy settings. So if the activity is public then the photos uploaded to that activity will also be public. If the activity is set to be private then the photos will be private as well.

Map My Tracks Photos supports jpg, png and gif image files types and image file sizes up to 5MB.

Large photos will be reduced is size to have a maximum width or height of 1000px. Any photo that is less than 1000px wide or tall will remain the same size.

Add captions to your photos

Each photo can have a caption added to help tell the full story.

To add a caption, first open the photo in fullscreen mode then add the caption. Captions can be edited at any time.

Other users of Map My Tracks can be mentioned in captions by using their @name. If a user is mentioned they will receive a notification highlighting the mention to them.

Upload from a mobile phone

Photos can be uploaded directly from your mobile phone by emailing the photo as an attachment to your Map My Tracks dropbox address.