Is it free?

Yes, the in-app camera is free for all users. Free users are limited to adding up to ten photos to an activity. PLUS users can add unlimited photos to each activity.

Who can use the in-app camera?

Everyone can take photos from directly within the app while recording an activity.

For PLUS members, the photos are also automatically uploaded and synced online when tracking live. This means that others can immediately see the photos when they are tracking live.

Where is the in-app camera?

In the Android app, the camera icon is in the bottom right of the map.

In the iOS app, the camera icon is in the top right of the map.

Where are my photos stored?

Your photos will be stored in your phone as normal.

Who will be able to see my photos?

Photos will adhere to the activity's privacy settings. If the activity is public, the photos uploaded to that activity will also be public. If the activity is set to be private, the photos will be private as well.

Can I add photos to my Moments video?

When the photo has been uploaded, it will automatically be available in your Moments video. Up to five photos are included in each Moments video.

What does pinning a photo to an activity mean?

This means that your photos will be placed on your track in the location that you took them. Look for the camera icon on your track.

How do I pin my photos to my track?

When you have finished tracking your activity, you can pin your photos to your activity by selecting the Add Photo icon in the bottom right of your map.

Select Upload Photos and choose the photos that you want to pin. Photos can be pinned to an activity at any time after it was recorded.

If you are a PLUS member who is tracking live, your photos will be automatically pinned to the track in real time.

Can I show where I took my photos on my track?

Yes, you can do this by uploading and pinning your photos to the track.

How can I share my photos in the social gallery?

All photos pinned to public activities will automatically appear in the Social Gallery. If you do not want your photos to appear then change your activity status to Private.

Can I add a caption to my photo?

Yes, it is easy to add captions. When you upload a photo, you will be able to add a caption by selecting the edit icon. Captions can be edited at any time.

Can I delete photos?

Yes, it is easy to delete photos. To delete a photo from an activity, select the photo (shown in the bottom right corner of the map). This will open the photo/photos that you have taken. Select the edit icon for the photo. Then, use the bin icon that is shown in the top right corner of the pop-up box.

Are the photos geocoded?

If your camera is location-enabled, your photos will be geocoded. This means that your photos will be shown on your track in the places that they were taken.