Map My Tracks Events is a simple, powerful, live event tracking service that follows the progress of any number of participants in an event. Events can be broadcast live around the world and replayed to analyse the performance of participants in detail.

How does it work?

  1. First create or find an event and add races
  2. Then invite participants to join the event on Map My Tracks
  3. Get participants to track live during the event or upload their activities afterwards

To use live tracking each participant will need to use a compatible app on their mobile phone. For event replays - data can be uploaded after the event from any device that supports the file formats used on Map My Tracks. These are GPX, TCX, FIT and CRS.

Step 1. Create an event and add races

Create your event on Map My Tracks and include all the races needing tracking. Events can feature any number of races so include different races for different distances, days or sport types. It's important to set the date and times correctly for each race as this controls when live broadcasting takes place.

Step 2. Invite participants to the event

To get the best out of Map My Tracks Events invite the participants to 'Attend' the event on Map My Tracks. Each participant needs to select 'Attend' on the races they are participating in.

If the event is using live tracking all the participants need to join the event before the event starts to ensure their progress is included in the live broadcast.

Step 3. Tracking during the event

On the day of the event each participant should use a compatible mobile app to track their progress live. Participants simply start an activity as normal and the event system detects who should be in an event an includes the data in the live broadcast.

Interested in using Map My Tracks at your events? Add your event now or contact the events team for more information.