A SPOT tracker can be used to track live during events. 

To use a SPOT tracker first create a feed on your SPOT account then connect the feed to Map My Tracks.

Create SPOT feed

  1. Log into your SPOT account
  2. Click on XML feed > Create XML feed
  3. Title the feed as 'Map My Tracks' with all the location message options ticked.
  4. Click 'Create'
  5. Copy the XML feed ID.

Connect SPOT feed to Map My Tracks

  1. Log into the device connection page on Map My Tracks 
  2. Copy your SPOT XML feed ID into the 'Sync from SPOT' options
  3. Enter the password if you set one on the feed
  4. Click update

Now that the SPOT feed is set up all new locations from your SPOT device will be synced to Map My Tracks. These locations will be used during an event. 

Event maps

To have your position appear on event maps, first ensure you have joined the event and are set as a participant. Then, at the start of an event make sure you have turned on your SPOT device and tracking in enabled.

Your live progress will show during events for friends, family and dot watchers to follow.