PLUS members can create collections of their activities. Collections are created from activities that you tag. First tag your activities, then from you tag list you can convert a tag into a collection.

First tag your activities

  1. Open each activity you wish to tag. Then click on Actions > Add Tag.
  2. Repeat this for each of the activities you wish to include in the collection.

Your tag will now be included on your tag list page which you can view on the website by opening your profile menu in the top right corner then choose Tags.

Make a collection from a tag

To convert a tag to a collection first open your tag list page then click on the option icon (3 dots) for the tag and choose Make a collection.

Enter a title and description for the collection and upload a banner image if you wish.

Collections can remain private so only you see them or you can choose to make it public for other Map My Tracks users to see in Collections