The Map My Tracks Endurance app is designed to broadcast your location to Map My Tracks at set intervals. To ensure that the app can track your progress set the correct permissions. These include:

  1. Mobile data - mobile data needs to be on. The app will not work in airplane mode or if mobile data is switched off.

  2. Location permission - on the first installation the app will ask for location permission. Set this to 'While using the app' then proceed to the Background location permission setting.

  3. Background location - set this to 'Allow all the time'.

  4. Battery optimisation - Allow the app to run in the background. 

To adjust these setting outside of the app open your phone's settings app then search for 'Endurance' and adjust the permissions as required. 

Once all the above have been set correctly tracking will be available. If you are attending an event then set 'Visible to everyone' to Yes.

Download Map My Tracks Endurance from Google Play.